(Last Updated: 1/12/2023)

Unused fireworks are explosives. Contact the Washington State Patrol District 8 at 360-473-0300 to arrange for proper disposal of explosives. Depending on the item, they may direct you to the Kitsap County Sheriffs Office.

Washington State Patrol occasionally hosts free explosives collection events in Kitsap County. Check the WSP's Press Release webpage to check for an upcoming event.

Used fireworks can hold heat for a long time and ignite later. To safely dispose of used fireworks:

  • Soak them in a bucket of water for at least 15 minutes.

  • Drain excess water on gravel or grass – not down a sink or storm drain where it can pollute groundwater, streams, or Puget Sound. 

  • Wrap wet firework casings in plastic.

  • Place in your garbage.