(Last Updated: 1/6/2022)

Only four shapes of plastics are accepted for curbside recycling in Kitsap and at county recycling facilities.

Items must be empty, clean, and dry. Wash until you can't see food residue and shake to remove liquid before placing into your recycling.

Remove caps and lids and put in trash.

​Plastic Bottles

Examples: Plastic soda, juice, water bottles, soap and shampoo bottles, empty white pill bottles, ketchup bottles

​Plastic Jugs

Examples: ​Juice jugs, plastic milk jugs, detergent jugs

​Plastic Jars

Examples: Peanut butter jar, pickle jar

Plastic Dairy Tubs

Examples: Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, margarine



Some plastic items can be recycled at special drop-off sites. Click on the item below to learn more.

Some plastic is accepted by mail for a cost. Terracycle recycles these items and more:

  • 3D printing material

  • Biodegradable plastic


Put other plastics into the trash, including plastic clamshell and tray containers from the bakery, deli, or take-out food, plastic cups, coffee pods, plastic utensils and straws, prescription bottles, containers that held hazardous products, toys, PVC pipe, etc.