Wood Waste - Painted or Treated

(Last Updated: 7/21/2021)

At Olympic View Transfer Station, wood waste must be cut into sections 6 feet in length or smaller. Wood waste can disposed as garbage or recycled if it meets the criteria below.

  • Disposal option: Loads with engineered wood (plywood, oriented strand board, particle board, engineered decking), laminated wood, or paneling must be disposed as garbage. Wood with varnish, strapping, lead paint, enamel paint shrink wrap, shipping labels, and hardware must be disposed as garbage.

  • Recycle option: Painted, treated, unpainted, or untreated wood waste (dimensional lumber, pallets, or packing crates) can be recycled if free of varnish, strapping, lead paint, enamel paint, shrink wrap, shipping labels, and hardware (nails OK).

At the Hansville, Silverdale, and Olalla Recycling and Garbage Facilities, treated/painted wood waste from households is accepted as garbage only. Loads must be under 3 cubic yards. Pieces must be cut into sections 6 feet or smaller in length.


The private recyclers below accept clean construction and demolition debris, including wood waste. Visit their website or call them directly to learn their acceptance criteria and fees.

Allen Shearer Trucking and Landscape Supplies
E 121 Log Yard Rd. Belfair, WA 98528
360-275-3465 | Website | Map
North Mason Fibers
NE 431 Log Yard Rd Belfair, WA 98528
360-275-0228 | Website | Map