Child Car Seats

(Last Updated: 7/31/2023)

Dispose of damaged and expired car seats in the garbage. Cut the straps to prevent reuse of a potentially-dangerous car seat. Seats too large for your garbage cart can be disposed of at a county waste facility.

When a child car seat is involved in a traffic accident, your insurance company may cover the cost of a new seat.



‚ÄčAccording to, car seats can be passed along to a friend or donated to a family in need if they meet three safety conditions:

  • the seat has not been in an accident, is not visibly damaged, and has not been recalled.

  • the seat has not expired (check the sides or bottom for a date). Learn why car seats expire.

  • the straps have not been cleaned with harsh chemicals like bleach, which weaken the straps.

In Kitsap County, Eastside Baby Corner - West Sound accepts used car seats. Check with company for details.