Propane Tanks - Larger than 1 Liter

(Last Updated: 8/8/2023)

Large propane tanks are not accepted at Kitsap County facilities for disposal or recycling. 

Check with the following retailers to verify their exchange or disposal requirements:


Exchange or drop off your unwanted propane tank at an AmeriGas Propane site. Any brand is accepted. Label the tank "USED." Leave tanks next to the outdoor display and notify staff that you've left an unwanted tank behind so they can safely lock it up. See staff if you'd like to purchase a new tank.

Blue Rhino tank exchange sites accept empty tanks. Any brand is accepted. Leave tanks next to the outdoor display and contact staff to complete the exchange.

Linden Salvage accepts most tanks. Contact business for details.

Home Depot offers Amerigas tank exhange. Contact the retailer for more information.

The following private metal recyclers require tanks to be empty with valves removed:

Horseshoe Auto Wrecking
7360 State Hwy 3 SW Bremerton, WA 98312
(360) 674-2515 | Website | Map
Navy City Metals
3805 State Hwy 3 W Bremerton, WA 98312
360-373-6595 | Website | Map


Full or partially-full tanks in good condition can be easily given away to a neighbor or offered up on social media.


​Do not put propane tanks in the garbage or recycling. It is impossible to tell if tanks are empty and that creates a safety hazard.