(Last Updated: 9/6/2022)

Recycle these paper items in your curbside recycling container and at drop-off recycling facilities:

Accepted Paper:

  • Mail junk mail, paper envelopes, catalogs, magazines and catalogs, food boxes, newspaper, office paper, writing paper, colored paper, construction paper, paper bags, phone books, soft cover books, clean pizza boxes


  • Dry and clean

  • Larger than a postcard

  • Without lamination, glue, glitter, or other 3D decoration

  • Loose - do not bag recyclables

  • Envelope windows, staples, and labels are OK, but remove plastic bags and binding


These paper items are not accepted for curbside recycling in Kitsap and are not accepted at drop-off recycling facilities:

  • Paper smaller than a postcard (post-it notes or scraps)

  • Paper covered in glue, glitter, or paint

  • Receipts

  • Tissue paper

  • Shiny/glossy gift wrap

  • Padded bubble mailers

  • Laminated paper

  • "Paper" you can't tear (ferry tickets, etc.). These are nonrecyclable plastic.


Reduce the amount of unwanted mail filling up your mailbox.