Paper Tubes

(Last Updated: 10/25/2019)

Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Tubes: If you subscribe to curbside compost service, put toilet paper and paper towel tubes into your compost cart. You can also compost them in a backyard compost pile or worm compost bin.

If you can't compost, put paper towel and toilet paper tubes in the garbage. They have short fibers that are difficult to recycle.

Kraft Paper Tubes: Other paper tube packages (see photo example) are used to package teas, skincare products, and more. As long as these tubes do not have any plastic, metal, or shiny coatings, they can be composted. 

If you can't compost, put these tubes in the garbage. These tubes tend to be rigid and hold their shape, so they are difficult to sort into the paper pile at the recyclable sorting facility.