Lawn & Garden Equipment

(Last Updated: 3/23/2023)

If your lawn equipment is beyond repair, there are two easy steps to get rid of it:

First, remove and recycle hazardous parts. Fuel, motor oil, and rechargeable batteries are hazardous and must be recycled. Click on the items to find a free recycling site.

Second, is your lawn equipment mostly metal or mostly plastic?

  • Mostly Metal: Recycle as scrap metal after you remove and recycle hazardous parts. Find a scrap metal recycling site. If you cannot lift your metal equipment, do not bring it to a county facility. Bring it to a private scrap metal recycler.

  • Mostly Plastic - Disposal Option. Plastic lawn equipment can be safely disposed as garbage at a Kitsap County disposal facility after you remove and recycle hazardous parts. County disposal facilities do not accept riding lawnmowers for disposal because they have an engine.


Give away, sell, or donate good condition items. Learn more about donating good condition items.


Contact one of the local small engine and tool repair shops in our community to ask about repairing your equipment.