Mobility Equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc)

(Last Updated: 7/12/2021)

Includes wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, commodes, bathtub rails, shower chairs, transfer benches, and more.


Recycle metal equipment in bad condition as scrap metal. Find a scrap metal recycling site.


Donate, give away, or sell good condition mobility equipment items. Some of these items are in high demand.

The HUB Medical Lending Library in Belfair, Helpline House on Bainbridge Island, and the Facebook Group Meeting Needs Kitsap specialize in helping people donate and find mobility and medical equipment.

Learn more about donating good condition items.

If you have equipment in bad condition or cannot donate them, put them in the garbage. Before tossing them, remove and recycle recycle batteries from powered devices.