Fuel Tanks from Camping & Backpacking Stoves

(Last Updated: 1/16/2019)


Recycle empty pressurized backpacking-style butane/propane/isobutane canisters and tanks. Contact a recycling company below to ask about recycling your item. Verify accepted items, hours, fees, and additional instructions.
Navy City Metals
3805 State Hwy 3 W Bremerton, WA 98312
360-373-6595 | Website | Map

White gas (liquid fuel) bottles can be refilled and reused.

Do not put in the garbage. It is impossible to tell if tanks are empty and that can create a safety hazard.
Contact the following company to ask about recycling your full or partially-full propane bottles. Verify accepted items, hours, and fees.
Or bring full or partially-full containers to the Kitsap County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility at no charge. Package products safely for transportation. See facility hours at the website below.
Ferrell Gas
1961 Seabeck Hwy NW Bremerton, WA 
360-373-2515 or 1-800-441-3444 | Website | Map
Kitsap County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
5551 SW Imperial Way Bremerton, WA 98312
360-337-5777 | Website | Map

If you can, use a refillable barbeque-style propane tank and adapter hose with your camping stove.