Gift Wrapping

(Last Updated: 8/23/2018)

Shiny metallic foil wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue paper, and bows are not recyclable. Paper wrapping paper is recyable.


Recycle paper in your curbside recycling cart. Keep your wrapping paper flat instead of balling it up. Recyclables must be loose (not bagged).


Re-use wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and tissue paper if possible.

Check the shelves of charitable thrift stores for  inexpensive reusable wrapping options, including tins, gift bags, or baskets. Store these with your holiday decorations or keep them handy for use all year long.


If you can't reuse or donate, metallic foil wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and tissue paper should be disposed as garbage.



Make your gift wrapper a part of the gift! Use a pillowcase, tea towel, or reusable shopping bag to wrap up your gift. For clever wrapping tricks, check out the Japanese furoshiki style of fabric wrapping.