(Last Updated: 2/20/2019)

Styrofoam™ products cannot be recycled in your curbside recycling. Yet there are some drop-off recycling and reuse options for clean, white chunks of packing foam free of tape or labels. Food containers cannot be recycled.


YEAR-ROUND DROP-OFF: City of Tacoma Recycling Center and Styro Recycle accept clean, white packing foam free of any tape or labels. No food containers.


SEMI-ANNUAL COLLECTION EVENTS: Bay Hay & Feed holds semi-annual Styrofoam collection events; contact for details.


Kitsap County holds semi-annual collection events. Details are published here when an event is scheduled.

City of Tacoma Recycling Center
3510 S Mullen St Tacoma, WA 
253-591-5543 | Website | Map
Styro Recycle
23418 68th Ave S  Kent, WA 
253-838-9555 | Website | Map
Bay Hay and Feed
10355 NE Valley Road Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
206-842-2813 | Website | Map

Contact a local shipping store or the Bug Museum and Nature Store to ask if they can reuse your chunks of foam or packing peanuts.
Bug Museum and Nature Store
1118 Charleston Beach Rd. W Bremerton ,  WA 
360-373-7681 | Website | Map

Dispose as garbage if you cannot reuse or recycle.