Recycling at Home

(Last Updated: 2/22/2021)

Recycling is automatically combined with residential curbside garbage service in Kitsap County. Bainbridge Disposal services the City of Poulsbo and the City of Bainbridge Island. Waste Management services the City of Port Orchard, City of Bremerton, and unincorporated Kitsap County.

What can be recycled in my residential curbside recycling cart?  
  • Plastic bottles, jugs, jars, and dairy tubs. Screw-top lids can be placed back onto empty and clean bottles. All other lids can be placed in the garbage.
  • Cardboard (must fit in cart)
  • Mail, magazines, mixed paper, and catalogs
  • Newspaper and phone books
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Paper packaging boxes
  • Glass food containers. Lids can be placed in the garbage.
  • Metal cans. Labels can be left on.

Extra Recyclables: Put extra recyclables at the curb in a weatherproof plastic container (not a cardboard box). Label it "RECYCLING."

Information is for households only. Learn more with our Business Disposal and Recycling Guide.

Waste Management
 Kitsap County, WA 
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Bainbridge Disposal
 City of Bainbridge Island and City of Poulsbo, WA 
206-824-4882 | Website | Map

If your item isn't on the list of acceptable recycling and doesn't have a WARNING or CAUTION label, it is generally safe to put in the garbage.