(Last Updated: 9/19/2018)

Only Some Plastics are Recyclable. The only plastics you can put in your curbside recycling or bring to a County recycling facility are: 

Plastic Bottles*

Reattach screw caps.

Plastic soda, juice, water bottles

Soap and shampoo bottles

Empty white pill bottles

Ketchup bottles

​Plastic Jugs*

Reattach screw caps.

​Juice jugs

Milk jugs

Detergent jugs

​Plastic Jars*

Reattach screw caps.

​Peanut butter jar

Pickle jar

​Plastic Dairy Tubs*

Put lids in the garbage.


Sour cream




* Recyclables must be empty, clean, and dry. How clean?Wash until you can't see food residue. How dry? Shake to remove as much liquid as possible. If you can't wash your recyclables, put them in the garbage.


A limited number of other plastic items can be recycled at special drop-off sites. Click on the item below to learn more.


Put these plastics in your garbage (unless there is a drop-off recycling option listed).

Amber-colored pill bottles

Blister packaging

The hard-to-open packaging used for electronics and toys.

Bubble wrap and air pillows

Some drop-off recycling options.

Clam shells

​These containers have a hinged lid and are used commonly for deli, bakery, produce, or take-out items.

Containers that held automotive or hazardous chemicals
Disposal cups (cold drink cups, Solo™ cups)

Film plastics.

​Wrappers, baggies, plastic shopping bags, chip bags, plastic wrap, shrink wrap. Some film plastics can be recycled in stores.

Packing peanuts

Some drop-off recycling options.

Plastic plant pots, trays, and tags

Recycle at Lowe's stores.

PVC pipe


Some drop-off recycling options.