(Last Updated: 10/25/2018)

Free disposal at Kitsap County MED-Project kiosks*. Find a kiosk near you (external site).

Accepted in Kiosks: Medications in any dosage form, except for those listed below, in their original container or sealed bag. Removed personal identifying information.

Not Accepted: Herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, other personal care products, compressed cylinders, inhalers, pet pesticide products, medical devices, sharps, illicit drugs, mercury containing thermometers, and iodine-containing medications.

*Mail-back services are available to differently-abled and homebound residents. Learn about mail-back services (external site).


Do not flush medications or put them in the garbage. Proper disposal in a kiosk helps prevent child poisoning, illicit use, drug overdoses, and contamination of drinking water.