Shredded Paper and Paper Shredding Services

(Last Updated: 3/22/2019)

Drop-Off Recycling Only. Don't recycle shredded paper in your curbside recycling cart.

Shredded paper is too small to be sorted by the machines that sort our recycling. In fact, they become tangled in the machines and make recycling more difficult and expensive.


Drop-Off Recycling Sites: It's easy to take your sensitive documents to a drop-off shredding business or kiosk. The businesses listed below shred paper at their stores, do-it-yourself shredding kiosks, or at one-day Community Shred Events.

Compost Option: If there is no plastic in your shredded paper, you can compost it in your curbside compost cart, a backyard compost pile, or a worm composting bin.

All Shred (Drop Off and Shredding Kiosks)
5800 Werner Rd Bremerton, WA 98312
360-731-6695 | Website | Map
LeMay Mobile Shredding
2910 Hogum Bay Rd NE.  Lacey, WA 98516
877-898-0112 | Website | Map
UPS Store - Poulsbo
19689 7th Ave Poulsbo, WA 
360-697-9044 | Website | Map
UPS Store - Silverdale
2916 NW Bucklin Hill Rd. Silverdale, WA 
360-613-0759 | Website | Map
UPS Store - Bainbridge
321 High School Rd. NE Bainbridge Island, WA 
206-842-5501 | Website | Map
UPS Store - Port Orchard
3377 Bethel Rd. SE Port Orchard, WA 
 | Website | Map


Disposal Option: If you can't compost it or take it to a paper shredding company, put shredded paper into a bag and place the bag in your garbage.