Televisions, Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, E-readers, Portable DVD players

(Last Updated: 2/22/2021)

E-Cycle Washington is a free statewide recycling program for broken or working televisions, computers, computer monitors, portable or laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, and portable DVD players.


Free drop-off recycling site

Limit 10 items, any size, per day, per person (unless noted). Call ahead to ask about badly damaged items (example: broken CRT). These may be rejected.

Remove sensitive data before recycling or donating

It is your responsibility to remove sensitive data from your computer before recycling it. For tips on wiping your computer, read the frequently asked questions at


Give away, sell, or donate good condition items. Learn more about donating good condition items.

New Horizons is a program by Kitsap Computing Seniors that refurbishes PCs and donates them to families and organizations in need. Complete the form on their website to get started with your donation.

Information is for households only. Learn more with our Business Disposal and Recycling Guide.