(Last Updated: 11/29/2021)

​Disposal instructions depend on the type of boat you have: metal or fiberglass.


Metal Boats

Contact a scrap metal recycler or auto wrecker to ask about recycling your metal boat. Kitsap County facilities do not recycle metal boats because they are too large for our scrap metal containers.


Fiberglass Boats

Linden Salvage provides boat disposal at a central location to residents.


Dispose at Olympic View Transfer Station. Follow these instructions:

Fiberglass and non-metal boats under 20 feet only. If your boat is longer than 20 feet, cut off the nose and place it in the boat.

Trailers are not accepted. Trailers can be recycled at licensed auto wreckers.

Customers must unload the boat themselves. If you are using a tipping trailer or dump truck, you must wear a hard hat and high-visiblity vest while on the tipping floor.

You will pay the Olympic View bulky waste disposal rate.

Remove and recycle the motor, gas tank, fluids, and battery before disposal.

Vessel Turn-In Program

The Department of Natural Resources offers a Vessel Turn-In Program which allows boat owners who can no longer take care of their vessels to turn them in for responsible disposal.